Underwater park Saba

Scientists recorded more than 150 species of fish. You have a chance to dive with us in 29 unique locations.

You can dive with us on SABA at any time throughout a year. The water temperature is always between 26-28 ˚C. Visibility ranges from at least 30 feet to virtually unlimited distances. Given that SABA is surrounded by steep coastal cliffs, all dives are performed safely and directly from our boats under guidance of our instructors.

SABA Marine Animals
Saba Marine Park is a natural underwater reserve (www.sabapark.org). Scientists recorded more than 150 species of fish. Thanks to ideal living conditions in the Saba Marine Park, you can observe many species of turtles, including green turtles that „graze“ on the seabed. Due to restrictions on fishing, you can see virtually everywhere lobsters and various species of crabs directly in their natural environment. During the winter months you can hear the whales singing as well as observe them leaping above the sea level.

Oko potápěče svými barvami potěší neonově vybarvené rybky Wras123ses aHorse-Horse-eye Jacks (majestic Caribbean fish called Horse eye), Wahoo (the fastest large ocean fish), and Tarpon (one of the largest ocean fish) are the most common fish on the island. You can see huge shoals of great barracuda. There are also many species of sharks, including Hammerhead (hammerhead shark), whitetip reef shark, Galapagos shark, tiger shark, nurse shark, various kinds of rays (Spotted Eagle Rays) and giant manta ray.

Corals and sponges
Most of the sea bottom is made up of coral boulders. The remains of volcanic activity under the surface – lava stone towers called Pinnacles – are remarkable. Pinnacles rising from the seabed up to 100 meters are covered by corals. You have a chance to dive with us in 29 unique locations and also see a shipwreck „Ghost Ship“, which rests at the bottom of the ocean at a depth of 40 m.

Dive sites can be found on: http://www.sabadivers.com/mapa