SABA – pearl of the Caribbean

Type in your navigation device: Saba Island, Netherlands Antilles, the Caribbean / GPS coordinates: 17 ° 37 ‚53 „N, 63 ° 14‘ 22.7“ W

Saba can be found in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The volcanic island, which was first seen by Christopher Columbus in 1493, served as a refuge for pirates for a long time. The dreaded captain Henry Morgan also found here his home; and his legend and rum are still alive on the island. SABA is a beautiful and hospitable island.SABA accepts everyone who is coming in peace to take a break from the stress and hustle and bustle of civilization. The island is one of the TOP 10 diving destinations in the world.

In the middle of the underwater national park teeming with life and color, there are many species of sharks and turtles, manta rays, tropical fish, sponges, and corals. The island belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is a part of the Netherlands Antilles. It is just 396 meters long and it is reported to be the shortest runway in the world. Just the journey to the island is an experience of a lifetime. The landing is exceptional, exciting, and short as the runway itself.


Saba – Netherlands Caribbean

SABA is an island in the Netherlands Antilles and English and Dutch are spoken here as an official languages. It is located in the northwestern part of the Caribbean Sea, 30 km from the island of Saint Martin. SABA takes up 13 square kilometers. An uninhabited island called Green Island which is located north of SABA also belongs to the island. The air temperature ranges from 28˚C to 32˚C throughout the year. The water temperature will surprise you with pleasant 26˚C to 28 ˚C. The Bottom is the capital. The island is inhabited by 2,000 residents and their number increases annually by 500 medical students from the USA, Canada, and Europe studying at the local university (Saba University of Medicine).


SABA Island,  including its underwater park (Saba Marine Park)
is a nature reserve listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.