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Live entertainment
Every Friday from 8.30pm-till very late we host a Karaoke (or as we like to call it "Sabaoke night") show on stage at Scout's Place. It's great fun for locals and visitors alike. We promise you'll not want to miss it. Even Saba's Senator as well as other well known Sabans can be seen singing some nights.

There are some really good singers on Saba but don't worry if you can't sing, give it a try the crowd is always friendly and will gladly sing along to help you out! Mingle with visitors, locals, interns, divers and dive instructors (many who sing) from all of Saba's dive centers.
Saba Idol Logo

Every year we hold the "Saba Idol" competition, last years event was caught on video and we made our very own youtube channel! Check out the video below to see what Sabaoke night could have in store for you!

A proud and excited Saba Idol 2010 Micheline w/ owner Barbara, herself a great singer & master of ceremony and well known KJ Rockstar Wolfgang
Our Saba Idol 2010 is Micheline from The Netherlands. Right in time, after Saba became special municipality of The Netherlands, our own Micheline won the titel of Saba Idol. It was a great event & an astonishing show. All three finalsit gave their best. Micheline and her friend Rachel and Juliska finsihed first with "All that Jazz" which was a sexy and perfect choreographed show. Nonetheless, Felix from the Dom. Republic was right behind and with his brother Johnny and his friend Kuki offered a perfect salsa performance. Sheritsa from Saba, only 16 years old and the local favorite made it with a great show to third place. Spcial thanks to the great auduance, our staff and bartender as well for the help of Mr Buruce Zagers, Commissioner of Culture on Saba for handing over the prizes in November 26th ceremony.


All of them received great prizes donated by: Netco SXM, UTS, SATEL, Summit Resort SXM, Queen's Garden Resort Saba, Edge 2 Ferry, Dawn 2 Ferry, Keijzer Computer SXM, Lizzy's Beach Bar SXM, Xpert Hair Salon SXM, OCI Insurance SXM, Saba Divers & Scout's Place

Johnny Saba Idol 2009 Rocks the House

The finals Nov. 20th were a great show. And the winner is for this years Saba Idol: Johnny from the Dominican Republic, first runner up is Micheline from The Netherlands and second runner up is Mr. TJ from Friesland. All of them did a great show and we would like to thank them all as well as our sponsors & supporters of this great event. See you next year if we are looking again for the Saba Idol 2010!

Look for our you tube videos of the finals at

Over the years we had the following Saba Idols:

2004 Chulani, Saba (one of Saba's Best)
2005 Andrew, Indiana USA (med. Student)
2006 King Topo, Saba (a real Saban)
2007 Bethany, USA (spouse of a med. Student)
2008 Sarah, Canada (med. Student)
2009 Johnny, Dominican Republic (Scout's Place Handyman)
2010 Micheline, The Netherlands (Teacher)


Bethany Rocks her socks off!


Bethany was our 2007 winner, hot on her heels was our very own T.J., then Dieter (a medical student from the Saba School of Medicine) and last, but definitely not least, Saba's very own daughter Clare. Competitors sang their hearts out, giving all who were their a great night! D.J. Wolfie is definitely in the house, you can't miss his Bobby Darin number or his duets with Barbara!! By The way Barbara has now new songs from Bob Marley & Amy Winehouse: wathc it! To see more click here!

Sarah Meuthe Saba Idol 2008

And the winner is: Sarah from Canada

Sarah, a third semester medical student from Canada won after a fun filled and exciting competition the title of Saba Idol 2008.

Watch Live Sporting Events on the Big Screen!

In the past Scout's place has hosted the Cricket, Rugby and Soccer World Cup Finals on it's big screen. Always guaranteed to get an enthusiastic group of supporters who all enjoy friendly rivalry. Many appear wearing their national colors and sports strips... Bets are made and bets are lost ;9)

If there's a sporting event that you and a group of your friends would like to watch get in touch and we'll see what we can do!
Glenn Holm and Wolgang Tooten World Cup 2006

Wolfgang sings "round here" @ Sabaoke night
@ Scout's Place
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