7 vegetation zones

The island is made up of seven vegetation zones with diverse flora and fauna.

What else can SABA together with us offer you?
The island is made up of seven vegetation zones with diverse flora and fauna. It attracts attention of researchers and scientists from all over the world to study flora and fauna in the naturally surviving ecosystem. It is a unique opportunity to experience the nature in one place from the sea, across the dry savannah with cactuses and iguanas basking in the sun, to huge palm trees and flowering orchids in the rainforest. Sail around the coastal cliffs and admire the unbridled beauty of the untamed wilderness directly from our ship. Go for a hike with us and climb the highest peak of the island and the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Mount Scenery.

11 marked hiking trails will lead you to places with breathtaking views of the steep cliffs, surrounding islands, and the endless ocean. Go for a trip with us into the wilderness. Feel the air soaked with moisture and fog and admire a rich green color of the tropical rainforest full of sounds. Experience the world with its own rules, the life in the clouds.  After climbing the marked hiking trail, you will reach the crater of an extinct volcano Mount Scenery at the altitude of 877 m. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the entire island‘s scenery and with peace of mind.

Hiking on Saba is simply unique and safe at the same time as nothing stings or bites you. We will make sure that you experience the beauty of Saba underwater, as well as on the land.  And not only that – you will be offered to relax and relieve your body and soul. Treat yourself to a SABA Cool Mood. It combines great massage techniques that will regenerate your body after diving or hiking and put you in the „SABA-mood“. We will guide you to excellent food restaurants, bars with typical local rum and human friendliness; or we will prepare a seaside barbecue party with a Caribbean drink for you.